M: 07986 640840 E: mark.wood@transitions-rtc.org.uk

A Residential Therapeutic Community for 16-25 year olds with drug/alcohol problems and addictive behaviour.

Transitions RTC is about journeying with young people to support them, in adolescence, making the transition to a life free from addictive behaviours through spiritual transformation, personal development and growth, discovering their purpose and experiencing fun and freedom.


Serving young people primarily from the home-counties and London, Transitions focusses on 16-21* year olds but includes those up to age 25.  This recognises the extended transition period of adolescence in modern society and specific needs of young adult drug users.

*although occasionally we may be able to take under-16s as well

A spiritual Christian response

Transitions is concerned with developing people’s spiritual intelligence, in a Christian framework. However, people do not have to be Christians and will never be forced to accept the Christian faith.  We value diversity and inclusiveness for everyone, welcoming people from all faiths and none, treating every belief and observance with respect and remaining unashamedly Christian in our values and ethos.

We value

  • Our shared journey to recovery and wholeness
  • Abstinence as a lifestyle
  • Treatment of the whole person
  • Our intrinsic worth and potential as individuals
  • Growing our faith
  • Professional care and support
  • Building wider community cohesion
  • Diversity and inclusiveness for everyone


Our mission is inspired by the story of the success of a group of dispossessed homeless people, crossing the Jordan river, making the transition to the promised land and learning to live life God’s way. (Read more about the inspiration for our mission)